It’s crazy warm today! High temperatures have been here for a while but this week threw a muggy humidity into the mix that made the humidex soar up to 36 degrees Celsius… For Newfoundland, that is just plain ridiculous.

Hiking on days like this is too sweaty for me, so I prefer to take a whale watching trip on the water, where a steady breeze and the splashing of the freezing ocean spray offers a great way to beat the heat.

Here are some pictures from today:

A Humpback says hello – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Coming up for a look – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Nice and close to the boat – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

‘He’s trying to get us wet!’ – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

After the fun whale encounter we saw many birds on and around the reserve islands:

An island ruled by birds – Green Island

Murre chick – Green Island

A pretty Atlantic Puffin – Great Island

All of a sudden there was a flurry of activity as a pod of dolphins ‘flew by’:

Breaching White-beaked Dolphin – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

As usual with dolphins, they were gone as suddenly as they arrived. All in all, a great day out at sea!