It’s crazy warm today! High temperatures have been here for a while but this week threw a muggy humidity into the mix that made the humidex soar up to 36° Celsius… For Newfoundland, that is just plain ridiculous.

Hiking on days like this is too sweaty for me, so I prefer to take a whale watching trip on the water, where a steady breeze and the splashing of the freezing ocean spray offers a great way to beat the heat.

Here are some pictures from today:

A Humpback says hello – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Coming up for a look – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Nice and close to the boat – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

‘He’s trying to get us wet!’ – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

After the fun whale encounter we saw many birds on and around the reserve islands:

An island ruled by birds – Green Island

Murre chick – Green Island

A pretty Atlantic Puffin – Great Island

All of a sudden there was a flurry of activity as a pod of dolphins ‘flew by’:

Breaching White-beaked Dolphin – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

As usual with dolphins, they were gone as suddenly as they arrived. All in all, a great day out at sea!