Today I hiked a very foggy Spout Path.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, the forecast predicted the fog would burn off in the morning, but instead of hiking in warm comforting sunshine I ended up doing the whole thing in 10° with high wind on the exposed ridges, pretty cold for summer!

Early on I could hear whales swimming below me, I couldn’t see them because of the fog but it was obvious by the sound they were humpbacks. I love these typical East Coast Trail experiences.

Later on I had an exciting encounter with a coyote! It was a beautiful animal, healthy and big, I saw it from just 10 m away when I turned a corner. It bolted off into the forest as soon as it saw me so I did not get a picture, but I was grateful for just getting a good look at it! Before today, the only eastern coyotes I’ve seen were far away.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the wonderfully foggy landscape:

Fog on Useless Bay – Spout Path

Fog at Dungeon Cove – Spout Path

Ledge waterfall at Freshwater – Spout Path

At the Turn of Bald Head you can usually see all the way up the coast to Motion Path, but not today:

Foggy Turn of Bald Head – Spout Path

Near the end of my hike, the enormous sea stack at the centre of Drop Cove is almost visible:

Foggy Drop Cove – Spout Path

Some foggy eh? Sometimes that’s just the way the day unfolds…