Eagle nesting sites are usually somewhat remote and out of the way, but this year 2 bald eagles have chosen a very public place to raise their young: a small nest above Cuckolds Cove near Signal Hill, which is quite close to the trail to boot. Passers-by on Ladies Lookout Trail can easily look into the nest from above.

Here’s the same picture as shown above, but cropped for a closer look:

Eagle on its nest – Ladies Lookout Trail

This morning I saw 2 unhatched eggs in the nest when the eagle got up for a moment.

The nest is located below Ladies Lookout Trail, above Cuckolds Cove:

Viewpoint and nest location – Ladies Lookout Trail

Bird watchers on viewpoint ridge – Ladies Lookout Trail

I don’t usually publish nest locations but I strongly suspect this nest is bound to become an attraction anyway, because of its proximity to the city. Unfortunately, if these eagles wanted privacy they should have picked a better spot, Ladies Lookout Trail and the closely connected Cuckolds Cove Trail are 2 of the busiest trails along the coast.

If you’re going out to see these eagles, be as quiet as you can and don’t approach the nest, be sure to bring a pair of binoculars if you want to have a better look.