Yes, today is the first day of spring!

Of course Newfoundland spring isn’t quite the same as spring elsewhere… while flowers were already popping up in Holland when Marije visited there last month, here we’ll have to wait until late-May for any of that.

Still, it was a pleasantly mild day on the cape, I did not need my gloves for most of the walk. Here are some shots:

Missing pickets – Cape Spear

For a while now the picket fence at Cape Spear has been losing its teeth, mostly during storms, but now they’re all gone. I’m assuming they’ve been removed and that the whole thing will be renovated before summer. Maybe they’ll put in a new ‘outhouse’ too, there used to be one near the old lighthouse but that too blew away in a storm.

Old lighthouse – Cape Spear

When I left the cape and stepped onto the trail the blue skies quickly vanished, the hike was kind of hazy after that:

Hazy coast – Cape Spear Path

Near North Head I had a look at the Staffordside ruins, only old walls and piles of stones remain of this mid-nineteenth century settlement:

Old wall – Staffordside ruins, along Cape Spear Path

Stone pile – Staffordside ruins, along Cape Spear Path

It was easy getting to the ruins this time of year, the marshes around Staffordside were still largely frozen and there were no insects to bug me. In summer, I would not recommend a visit to this place.