After a long and thoroughly impatient wait, today finally brought success in my search for comet Panstarrs!

For the first time since it became possible to see Panstarrs from Newfoundland, the weather was actually sort of ‘cooperative’. With frozen fingers clenched around my binoculars I gazed and gazed, until a gap in the clouds revealed the comet above the Rooms:

Comet Panstarrs over the Rooms – St. John’s

Big clouds rolled in soon after I spotted it so I was glad to get a few pictures before it vanished again.

If you want to see Panstarrs too, look to the west about an hour after sunset, when the deep twilight will allow you to find it. Tonight after I spotted it with my binoculars and knew exactly where it was, I tried seeing it with my ‘unaided eyes’ but it was too faint to see in the glare of the city lights. A darker location would no doubt help in the observing of this comet, but even then do yourself a favour: bring binoculars!