Torbay’s Tappers Cove has been closed for a month now, the town is reconstructing a section of wharf that was damaged in one of the big storms of the past few years. This temporary closure affects hikers of Father Troy’s Trail because that trail passes right through an area that is currently submerged:

Repairs at Tappers Cove – Father Troy’s Trail

Repairs at Tappers Cove – Father Troy’s Trail

You see where the stairs go up? Before the closure you would have been able to get there without getting your feet wet. Here are two pictures comparing Tappers Cove today with the unaffected Tappers Cove a little over 3 years ago:

Tappers Cove, in February 2013 – Father Troy’s Trail

Tappers Cove, in November 2009 – Father Troy’s Trail

If we’re lucky it’ll look like this 2009 shot again in about 4 months, when repairs are scheduled to be complete. Until that time, plan ahead and find a way around Tappers Cove.