Four years ago when I first saw this little bird I didn’t know much about the birds of Newfoundland, to me it looked like a little penguin:

Dovekie – Stiles Cove Path

I’ve seen these ‘little penguins’ every winter since then, and of course I now know it’s not a penguin at all, it’s a little auklet called a dovekie. It still pretty much looks like a penguin though, everybody I show it too has the same reaction.

In the next shot you can see why I call these winter visitors ‘little’, they swim close to the cliffs where the pounding surf whips up a foam that they can sometimes barely look out over:

Dovekie in frothy sea foam – Stiles Cove Path

It must be a strange view indeed when you come up from a dive to something like this:

Foamy chaos – Stiles Cove Path