It’s been cold for a while now, cold enough to turn many of the cliffs on the East Coast Trail into large ice walls. Some of these frozen walls attract ice climbers:

Large ice walls at Stiles Cove – Stiles Cove Path

Do you see the climbers in that picture?

Neither do I. You see, I’ve never actually seen any of these adventurous ice climbing people in action, so this winter I’m actively looking for them. I was at Stiles Cove yesterday, the ice climbing is supposed to be excellent there, but I just missed them. I know this because I met some friendly snowshoers who informed me they had seen people climbing the ice falls earlier that day…

Today I was at Stiles Cove again, it is a weekend after all, but once more: no luck. The weather was great for it, but somehow I was the only person there for hours and hours… I enjoyed myself exploring the snowy trails up to Spout Cove, before eventually going home.

Here’s two more shots from the trail:

Icy cliffs below the trail – Stiles Cove Path

Wintry Spout Cove – Stiles Cove Path

No ice climbers, but still an enjoyable hike.

If you’re reading this and you are an ice climber, or if you know someone who is not shy about having their picture taken while scaling an impressive ice wall, please let me know when and where the action is. I would really like to see what ice climbing is all about!