Snow and ice are common in winter, but the same can’t be said about sunshine.
Today was one of those rare days when everything did combine perfectly, yesterday’s snowfall was displayed beautifully under the cold January sun. And with cold I mean really cold; when I started my day before sunset, there was a windchill of -26° Celsius…

I was out and about all day on the South Side Hills, hiking and enjoying the virgin snow. There’s nothing quite like blazing your own trail through a thick white blanket of fresh powder!

My tracks - Deadman's Bay Path

My tracks – Deadmans Bay Path

The hike was marvellous, including all three times I slipped and fell ;-).
I didn’t see much wildlife though, the only highlight was a clumsy cartwheel display by two young eagles, they put on a nice show right in front of me. Young bald eagles often practise these difficult courtship rituals, they need to master them if they ever want to attract a partner.

Here are some more pictures from today:

Frozen water bottle - Deadman's Bay Path

Frozen water bottle – Deadmans Bay Path

This is one of my water bottle after a few hours on the trail, I had three of these with me and two of them froze before I could drink them.

Supply ships travel back and forth between St. John’s and the oil platforms out on the ocean, here’s one of them returning to port, I believe it is the Atlantic Osprey:

A supply ship returns - Deadman's Bay Path

A supply ship returns – Deadmans Bay Path

Trail signs are sparse on the South Side Hills, in places it was difficult finding the trail, which is often the case after heavy snowfall.

Trail sign - Deadman's Bay Path

Trail sign – Deadmans Bay Path

Here’s one last shot before descending towards the Narrows:

Shadow portrait - Deadman's Bay Path

Shadow portrait – Deadmans Bay Path