Yesterday’s ‘Winter storm watch’ has been upgraded to a ‘Blizzard warning’. Here’s an excerpt that’s relevant to our area (Northern Avalon):

Blizzard warning for St. John’s and vicinity

“… Total snowfall amounts will range from 30 centimetres over the Bonavista Peninsula to near 70 centimetres over the Northern Avalon. Winds will steadily increase today with gusts near 110 km/hour overnight and into Friday. These high winds, combined with the heavy snow will give near zero visibilities and blizzard conditions tonight and Friday …”

Weatheroffice,  January 10, 2013

The Weather Network has published this snowfall forecast on their website:

Snowfall predictions - Weather Network

Snowfall predictions – Weather Network

Marije and I are all set to stay inside for the duration of the storm. When conditions allow me to go outside again I will no doubt report back here.