After what seems like forever, today I finally ventured outside again. Flurries started falling when I got out of the car and it was kind of cold, but it was definitely better than sitting on the couch. Tomorrow promises more sunshine, so I’m looking forward to that!

Not quite over my encounter with the flu, easy hike #1 and #4 (from my Easy hikes on the East Coast Trail) were all I had energy for today, I plan on getting back into proper hiking form over the next few weeks so I can enjoy real winter when it shows up in February.

For now, here are some pictures from today:

Easy hike #1

Icicles – Middle Cove beach

For a sense of scale: this picture spans about 3 metres left to right. Icicles like these grow large and wide at the east end of Middle Cove beach, I was hoping for some truly big ones but apparently it hasn’t been cold enough for that yet. At the bottom of this shot there’s a lot of broken ice, the remains of fallen icicles, not a good place to stand. When I was there today a massive 4 metre ‘icicle’ came crashing down right in front of me, so believe me when I say do not get too close…

Easy hike #4

These next shots are from walk #4 in Flatrock, a favourite area for me in any season:

The bay in Flatrock – Stiles Cove Path

Snowy cliffs & foggy flurries – Stiles Cove Path

Cold waterfall – Stiles Cove Path

As you may be able to see in this last picture, Whirly Pool Falls was still flowing. I wonder if it will freeze this winter, temperatures will need to drop a lot more before that happens.