North Head Trail is a nice place to clear your head.

It’s easy to reach, relatively short and straightforward to walk, and yet today’s walk was anything but simple… The wind was so strong that had I not been such a big guy, I might have been blown clear off the trail. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about the same thing here before, but it’s just such an amazing experience, I can’t just not tell you about it…

Wind is hard to photograph on any day, especially when you’re walking alone. There were no other people on North Head to take pictures of, but even if there had been it would have been difficult, the wind was so fierce in places that it was hard to keep my gear from trying to take off. I’m not exaggerating. My backpack, weighed down with water bottles and extra lenses, fluttered on my back like a fall leaf holding on for dear life. On one particular section I had immense difficulty walking downhill, the wind just wouldn’t allow it… Great stuff!! This brisk walk definitely lifted my spirits, and me along with them, almost.

Like I said it was hard to take pictures, but I’ve included one above this story anyway. For the proper ‘feeling’ with this shot, just imagine the wind screaming around you at maximum volume.