Sinter what now??

Sinterklaas, that’s what. And it’s actually not a what, it’s a who. I understand your confusion though, the title is weird. It’s a different language than the one I normally use here, but today is an exception: it’s my native tongue, Dutch.

“Sinterklaas, wie kent hem niet?” is a song made for the typically Dutch holiday celebrated on December 5: Sinterklaas. To the uninitiated the festivities will no doubt seem very strange, so I’ll skip the specifics and say it’s comparable to christmas, with the notable exception that Dutch children get excited for Sinterklaas, not for Santa.

Sinterklaas, wie kent hem niet?‘ means: ‘Sinterklaas, who doesn’t know him?’

After my little explanation at least you know about him, so that’s my Sinterklaas gift to you. The link up there links to the song on YouTube, but you may need some eggnog to properly appreciate it 😉

Since there are no Sinterklaas treats available in Newfoundland stores, I baked some of my own:

Pepernoten, approved by Sinterklaas himself!

Pepernoten, approved by Sinterklaas himself!

It took me all of twenty minutes to prepare and bake these, and they are delicious…