It’s been a while since the weather has been as lousy as it has been this week, all the way back in June if I remember correctly. Rain, drizzle and fog can be nice for short periods at a time, but when it persists it can quite literally dampen your spirits.

RDF shrouds the landscape in unattractive shades of grey, changing the East Coast Trail from a place of picturesque beauty to a place you had better watch your step. Not only does the fog hinder your vision, it turns every rock and root into a slippery trail hazard.

Exercise and fresh air are the only reasons I go out on the trail on days like today, so here are a few pictures from a morning walk on Silver Mine Head Path:

New caution sign at the trailhead – Silver Mine Head Path

These new yellow signs have been popping up at every ECT trailhead this last month. They caution the hiker about the dangers of ‘unsupervised wilderness coastal hiking’. Here’s a detailed look at the message:

Caution sign at the trailhead – Silver Mine Head Path

The next shot shows you why it’s hardly worth the effort making a picture on a day like today. By the way, that black dot in the sky is a bald eagle:

RDF makes things look gloomy – Silver Mine Head Path

Undeveloped trail sign – Silver Mine Head Path

The big waterfall on Silver Mine Head Path is in the middle of an undeveloped section, it’s a challenge getting across, especially when the rocks are slippery from the rain.

Waterfall at the end of North Pond Brook – Silver Mine Head Path

To finish this post on a more colourful note, here’s a picture of the fall colours on the forest floor:

Fall crackerberries – Silver Mine Head Path