The four-masted tall ship Kruzenshtern has been in St. John’s for a couple of days now. Because she was scheduled to leave today, I was up on the South Side Hills to get a good look at her departure through the Narrows. I didn’t know the exact time so I found a good spot and just waited, but nothing really happened:

Kruzenshtern, still tied up – St. John’s

There’s only so much time you can wait for something that’s not happening, and after a while the hills started calling me so I abandoned my post to explore the trail:

Deadmans Bay Path’s Soldiers Pond – South Side Hills, St. John’s

Red blueberry leaves – South Side Hills, St. John’s

View of Signal Hill – South Side Hills, St. John’s

As you can see, the views you can get from both the South Side Hills and Deadmans Bay Path are first class.

Here’s another ‘special vessel’ in the harbour, with the city in the background:

Seven Pacific docking – South Side Hills, St. John’s

Remember the colourful pictures from south side harbour a while back? That harbour looks a lot emptier now that the cod fishing season has ended:

South Side Harbour from above – St. John’s

Here’s one last shot, it’s the Battery, it looks like some of these houses are pretty difficult to reach:

The Battery – St. John’s