The four masted tal ship Kruzenshtern has been in St. John’s for a couple of days now, she was supposed to leave today so I was up on the South Side Hills to get a good look at her departure through the Narrows. I didn’t know the exact time so I found a good spot and just waited, but nothing happened.

Kruzenshtern, still tied up - St. John's

Kruzenshtern, still tied up – St. John’s

There’s only so much time you can wait for something that’s not happening, and after a while the hills were calling me so I abandoned my post and walked further down the trail. The views from the hills are first class, here’s another special vessel in the harbour, with the city in the background:

Seven Pacific docking - St. John's

Seven Pacific docking – St. John’s

Remember the colourful pictures from south side harbour a while back? That harbour looks a lot emptier now that the cod fishing season is closed:

South Side Harbour from above - St. John's

South Side Harbour from above – St. John’s

Here’s one last shot, it’s the Battery, some of these houses a pretty difficult to reach:

The Battery - St. John's

The Battery – St. John’s