The 24th annual Rennie’s River duck race was today. I watched it with Marije and it turned out to be a nice day out for the two of us, not too taxing since we’re both recovering from a bit of a flu.

The duck race is basically a fundraiser event for Rennie’s River: you can sponsor a rubber duck in a race down the river, the money gathered is spent on maintaining the river and its environment. Lots of families with young kids show up but it’s fun for all ages, here are a few photos:

Ducks eager to plunge into the water – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

A short countdown at two o’clock, and there they go:

The duck race starts – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

Within seconds, all the ducks hit the water (or rocks) and were immediately stalled. None of them moved, they were stuck in a quiet pool in the river, so they were diligently nudged and encouraged by the duck race crew. After that, they began making it downstream:

The duck race starts for real – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

Downstream, a few ducks manage to ride the river all the way to the finish, but the vast majority gets stuck somewhere along the way:

Stuck in shallow water – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

This unfortunate duck had sprung a leak or something, it was barely able to breathe:

Sunk in shallow water – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

Here’s Marije watching the race, she had never seen it before:

Marije watches a duck swim by – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

When the race was done, most kids were ready to get wet and help the stalled ducks on their way:

Helping the stuck ducks – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

All in all it was a fun day, good music and plenty to see, and blue skies once again:

A beautiful day – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

Music by Ashelin – Rennie’s River, St. John’s