Today Majorie and I hiked Father Troy’s Trail from Flatrock to Torbay. The weather was absurdly good for September, blue skies overhead and just about ideal temperatures at around 23° Celsius. The wind was pretty strong on the Beamer but that helped keep the flies away, it was all good.

Aside from the flawless weather, the biggest theme of this hike was the damage done by tropical storm Leslie. Many, many trees were down. In some places it was almost easier to count the trees that were left standing. Here’s what a particularly bad section of the Church Cove Loop looked like:

Tons of trees down on the trail – Father Troy’s Trail

There were plenty of trees down on the ‘regular’ section of the trail too:

Obstacle course – Father Troy’s Trail

They may have been close to the ground, but even the mushrooms weren’t safe from Leslie:

Broken mushroom – Father Troy’s Trail

We still enjoyed ourselves though, Majorie mentioned the hike was just like doing a survival course:

Trees down, spirits up – Father Troy’s Trail