The South Side Hills in St. John’s are bursting with blueberries right now, just like the rest of the east coast.

Not sure where the South Side Hills are? They’re the hills right in front of you when you’re standing in the harbour looking east. See Signal Hill? The South Side Hills are just across the Narrows from Signal Hill.

If you want to pick some blueberries there you’ll have to climb up the East Coast Trail from Fort Amherst, and take a right turn onto an unmarked side trail. Check out the ‘blueberry trail’ on the map for Deadmans Bay Path, marked in blue.

Today I picked 2 pounds of blueberries up there, a few blackberries too, more than enough to get me through the week:

Blueberries & Blackberries – Deadmans Bay Path

Since tomorrow is a holiday, I’ll be having blueberry pancakes for breakfast! 🙂

For more information about berry picking on the East Coast Trail, check out the Berry picking on the East Coast Trail page.