Lots of stuff washes up on Newfoundland beaches every day. Well-visited beaches don’t always show this because they get cleaned up regularly by community volunteers and visitors alike.

On the East Coast Trail however, there are many small beaches tucked away in little-known bays and coves, when something washes up there it usually stays put until the next storm washes it out again.

I was down in Deadmans Bay today and I was astounded by the amount of bottles on the cobblestone beach there, they were all over the place. Just when I thought it would be fun to find one with a message inside it, I did:

Message in a bottle – Deadmans Bay Path

Where did this bottle come from? Had it travelled the ocean currents for years and years? Was it tossed into the water by a romantic soul, hoping to make a connection with someone, somewhere, beyond the sea?

Only one way to find out: I opened it.

It turns out it did not come from very far away. It didn’t even come from far away. It came from just across the bay, from Fort Amherst in St. John’s where it was cast into the water on August 19, 2012. A short trip to be sure:

From Fort Amherst to Deadmans Bay

In the message, the sender asks me to cast the bottle back into the water so it can continue to travel, and I will do just that later this week. Maybe this time around it’ll find its way clear across the North Atlantic, or at the very least to the next beach down the road…