Our summer vacation in Newfoundland is over, everything is slowly returning to normal.

With a chilled drink on my desk and the stains of freshly picked berries still on my hands I can feel my daily routine taking over again. Yes, I can definitely feel it setting in, it’s good.

This morning I went on an East Coast Trail mini-excursion to find a few different kinds of wild berries, and for the life of me I couldn’t find any bakeapples. In all the usual bogs they had been picked clean… It’s not surprising really, I was royally late for them since they were good to be picked a few weeks ago; I just wanted to give it one last shot.

Blueberries are of course all over the place, some still ripening (shown above), some good to go:

Blueberries, good to go – Biscan Cove Path

Northern bilberry, a blue berry but not a blueberry – Cape Spear Path

A few raspberries were still hanging on, most of them dried up by the harsh summer sun:

Raspberries, too dry – Stiles Cove Path

I got a nice surprise when I stumbled upon a patch of blackberries! I just love them, they’re so sweet and juicy, simply delicious:

Blackberries, from green to black – Stiles Cove Path