Another day of rain, drizzle and fog. Great.

Marije’s parents and I went on a tour of the #2 mine on Bell Island; after all, it doesn’t matter what kind of weather it is outside, it’s always the same weather inside the mine. At least, that’s what they say, to me the mine looked a lot foggier than on my previous visit.

Here’s a few shots from the mine. Don the tour guide shows us where we’re going:

Don the tour guide – #2 Mine, Bell Island

Here you can ‘clearly’ see it’s foggier in there than on my previous visit:

Into the mine – #2 Mine, Bell Island

Horses that worked in this mine were cared for in an area known as ‘The Barn’:

The Barn – #2 Mine, Bell Island

When the mine tour was done we visited the Grebe’s Nest:

Tunnel to ‘hidden’ beach – Grebe’s Nest, Bell Island

‘Hidden’ beach – Grebe’s Nest, Bell Island

The beach was filled with sick starfish, they were very smelly:

Starfish – Grebe’s Nest, Bell Island