Who asks for rain when the weather is so spectacular it defies belief?

I do.

This summer is warm and beautiful, but it’s also very dry. Combined with our warm and dry spring it has lead to the driest trail conditions I have seen since we moved to Newfoundland. While hiking under clear blue skies with dry boots is very nice, the berries really do need a drink every now and then, especially now they are ripening:

Unripe blueberries – South Side Hills, St. John’s

Unripe and unwanted, crowberries – South Side Hills, St. John’s

Yesterday I was up on the South Side Hills (the hills overlooking St. John’s, just west of Deadmans Bay Path). It’s a bit of a climb to get there but it’s totally worth it, the amount of berries up there is almost endless, but they need some rain and a bit more time before they’re ready to be picked.

Of course, even without berries it’s worth hiking this trail, the views of the city are simply amazing:

Downtown St. John’s seen from the South Side Hills