On my whales page I often report sightings of humpbacks in Tor Bay, like today.

Tor Bay isn’t just the bay in Torbay, it’s the entire area between Whaleback Rock, Torbay, Middle Cove, Outer Cove and Torbay Point. Quite an expansive place actually, and currently the ‘holiday home’ of three humpbacks.

In previous years we had larger groups of whales in this bay, making it easy to spot one or two of them at any time, even when just driving by. This year’s humpbacks are very nice too though, because they often swim close to the cliffs, making them ideal targets from the viewpoints on Marine Drive, if you’re patient enough. This evening after supper, Marije and I spotted one swimming towards us at Ship Cove Point (shown above).

This guy was just returning from a quick visit to Middle Cove beach, I have a shot of that too but it’s kind of hard to see:

Humpback visits the beach – Middle Cove