Happy Canada Day!

Marije and I were on a boat tour in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve today, to see if the whales there were doing any special Canada Day tricks. Aquasize maybe? Summersaults? They weren’t. It was a typical boat tour, so similar to the dozens of tours I’ve been on before that it made me wonder what the point of the boat tour was in the first place.

First you see something moving below the surface:

A humpback is about to surface – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Then you see why a humpback is called a humpback:

Hump on a humpback – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Then the whale says goodbye with it’s tail, to much ooh’s and aah’s from the tour guests:

Humpback tail – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

The humpback then repeats this sequence maybe 5 to 10 times, and that’s basically your tour right there. Additionally, the guide makes some jokes and sings a song, and someone goes “hey another humpb…, oh wait it’s just a minke” and then that’s the end of it.

Oh yes, and of course there’s pretty birds flying around everywhere too:

Atlantic puffin – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

So, what is the point of going on that expensive boat trip if you’ve already done it a dozen times?

Because actually, it’s wonderful seeing all these animals up close, and it makes Marije happy:

A happy Marije – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve