It’s June 5th 2012, the transit of Venus is today!

I’ve been looking forward to this rare event for a long time and I’ve made my preparations accordingly. The only thing I left to chance is the weather, a fact that has come to haunt me these last few days. I should have just bought a ticket to the cloudless deserts of Australia, but instead I left myself tied to the foggy shores of Newfoundland:

CBC's HarbourCam on Transit day - St. John's

CBC’s HarbourCam on Transit day – St. John’s

Above you can see the disappointing view in St. John’s this morning. There is little chance this thick fog will lift in time for tonight’s show, I fear that St. John’s will not see the transit of Venus in 2012.

Marije and I will still try to find a place to observe the transit, a place somewhere in Newfoundland with a cloudless view towards the sunset. If we do find such a place, I will update this post.

Update 1: pre-transit

The weather is still bad. For those with similar viewing conditions, here’s a website where you can see the transit of Venus: Transit of Venus on APOD.

Update 2: post-transit

Marije and I chased the transit around the Avalon; we drove down to the southern shore where the skies were only partly clouded, the best weather on the Avalon today. We even saw the sun a few times, but about an hour before the actual transit began, even the southern shore was fogged in.

In the end, we missed the entire transit, we saw only clouds. This 400 km trip through fog and darkness wasn’t made for nothing though, we saw a caribou, 2 moose, some whales and a seal that thought he was a whale. We had a good time.

Update 3

A week after the transit, I’ve seen many great photos of the transit. Here’s a great movie from NASA, set to music: Transit of Venus from NASA / SDO.