It’s hard to believe that just last week I was out on the water enjoying a balmy 26° Celsius in my T-shirt, while today as well as yesterday I’ve seen snow, hail and felt wind chills well below zero.

I just got back from the beach where the wind was absolutely bone-chilling, but the scenery was awesome:

Chunks of iceberg littering the beach – Middle Cove

An iceberg in the bay has been breaking up all day, sending bits and pieces off to Middle Cove beach. In this photo, car-sized chunks of ice are being tossed around in the surf as if they were toys.

I picked up a few pieces from the beach:

Iceberg ice in a ziploc bag

I have several of these little bags in the freezer now; when it gets warm this summer I’ll put the ice in a drink or maybe I’ll make an iceberg smoothie.