With a calm breeze and no visible motion out on the ocean, I boarded another boat trip today, this time out of Bay Bulls. Halfway through the trip several passengers got sick as our vessel was pounded by swells that shot up straight over the bow and streamed off the stern like a waterfall. Good times!

There was a beautiful iceberg just a few kilometres out of the bay, this berg was the reason I got on the boat. Unfortunately it clouded over as we approached it, and the ocean was too choppy to hang around for a better look, even though it doesn’t look very stormy here:

Wedge iceberg – just outside of Bay Bulls

After a quick inspection of the iceberg the boat headed for the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, and no matter how spectacular Gull Island is, I was quickly reminded why Elliston is a more suitable place for puffin watching. The puffins on Gull Island are just as close and fun as they are in Elliston, but from a moving platform they’re just much harder to photograph. Here’s a nice puffin picture anyway:

Atlantic puffin – Gull Island, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve