On every hike I keep a running tally of the things I see and do. It’s a fun little exercise that, for example, gives me a total of my hiked kilometres at the end of the month, and more stuff like that.

Today’s hike in numbers: the temperature was 20° Celsius, I hiked 25 km. I saw 2 kingfishers, 1 moose, 5 eagles, 1 fox and 2 hares, in that order. I was bitten 19 times by blackflies, and swatted a greater amount of them just to keep the bite count that ‘low’. I also saw 1 iceberg, countless butterflies and dragonflies, and blossoms of crackerberries, bunchberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Besides numbers, there are of course pictures, and why not start with the obligatory shot of me at the Spout:

Me at the Spout – Spout Path

Here’s the moose I almost walked into, it was very relaxed and let me take a few pictures before it disappeared into the woods:

Moose – Spout Path

And, for the first time ever, I crossed Shoal Bay Road without getting my feet wet! I usually just wade through the inundated section of this access trail, but I figured I’d try something new this time: I brought some trash bags to put my legs in…

Keeping my feet dry – Shoal Bay Road

Some people bring high rubber boots, others bring sandals and a towel, but I wanted to keep things as lightweight as possible since I’m hauling a ton of photo equipment already. These trash bags did the trick even if they did make me look a little silly.