Wow what a great week, several gorgeous spring days in a row!

I hiked the trails and they’re bursting with fresh green shoots thanks to temperatures in the low twenties. Half a dozen icebergs are still wandering off our coast, adding to the scenic appeal of most bays and coves and making me smile every day.

To close off this long week of spring activity, Marije and I enjoyed a long weekend together. You see, today marks our 4th May 2-4 weekend in Newfoundland! Granted, the first couple of years we missed it because nobody told us about it, we didn’t know what it was. Not this time, we now know it’s a weekend of celebration, a way of ushering in the outdoor season!

Marije and I spent it with the Atlantic puffins in Elliston, the bird colony there is 3.5 hour away from Torbay, a trip not made on a whim but not that far away either. Marije hadn’t been there before and she enjoyed watching the puffins from land instead of from a boat, which makes it so much easier seeing the birds and their behaviour:

Puffin take off – Elliston

Puffin landing – Elliston

Puffin stretching – Elliston

Puffins kissing – Elliston

Here’s a nice overview of the viewing area:

Puffins to the left / Marije on the right – Elliston Puffin Site

After seeing the birds do their thing we drove to Bonavista to have lunch, after that point the clouds rolled in. Here’s a last shot from our weekend, of Marije with two small icebergs near the Dungeon:

Marije and some small icebergs – Cape Bonavista