Something weird happened today, I was hiking Stiles Cove Path when I was suddenly joined by a strange dark shape on the ground. It grew from my feet and mimicked my every move! Took me a second to realize this must be what people call a ‘sha-dow’. Apparently it’s quite normal in other regions, it’s cast upon the ground when something called ‘the sun’ shines down on you.

Silly jokes aside, I was delighted to see the sun again after more than a week of fog and misery. Here’s the scenery at Stiles Cove today, an instant improvement over the other gloomy shots I took there this past week:

Blue sky over Stiles Cove – Stiles Cove Path

Awesome weather isn’t it? I was able to hike in my t-shirt all day long!

When I picked up Marije at the end of the day, she made the excellent suggestion we go to St. Philip’s for some fish & chips at sunset:

Marije & Fish & Chips – St. Philip’s