“So, how big is Newfoundland anyway?”

That’s a question I frequently get from people in the Netherlands. When I was there recently I told them that Newfoundland was roughly 2.5 times the size of the Netherlands, but somehow that doesn’t really answer the question.

Here’s a better answer. This clever map shows you the size of one, right next to the other:

What if Newfoundland was an island in the North Sea

That’s what it would look like if Newfoundland were located in the middle of the North Sea! In reality of course, Newfoundland is located about 4000km west of this point, and then almost 1000km further to the south.

An interesting statistic to keep in mind when looking at the above map is that the island of Newfoundland is home to less than 500.000 people, while the much smaller Netherlands has a population of almost 17 million…

The excellent website where I made this comparison is called MAPfrappe. Here’s a link to the Newfoundland outline I created there. On that page you can move the ‘comparison map’ around to hover Newfoundland’s outline over any province, state, island or country you like.

This is us near the Great Lakes:

What if Newfoundland was a Great Lake

And here’s what we would look like in a more tropical region:

What if Newfoundland was an island in the Caribbean

I’m sure a lot of people around here would prefer that lastย scenario to the real deal…