One of the small icebergs near Quidi Vidi attracted 2 ice climbers today, it was a nice surprise under all these gloomy clouds.

To reach the base of the berg the climbers first made their way down the cliffs below Sugarloaf Path, after that they simply swam out to the berg, carrying big ice axes. It was just a short swim to the iceberg, but the ascent took a little time. Here they are as the second man got on top:

Iceberg climbers – Quidi Vidi

Congratulations were in order:

High five! – Quidi Vidi

With a boat alongside and people on top, this small iceberg suddenly looked a lot bigger:

Activity around the iceberg – Quidi Vidi

No doubt their crampons were very useful on the slippery surface:

Looking down the side of the iceberg – Quidi Vidi

After about 20 minutes they were all done exploring and they jumped off the side of the iceberg to loud cheers from all the onlookers in Quidi Vidi: