Can you get tired of resting? Sure you can, I certainly did. That’s why today I carefully tested my injured leg on a few easy trails. I was a bit wobbly at first but soon enough I was enjoying myself again, even though I had to pace myself on the hills and stairs.

One of the easy trails I walked was Ladies Lookout Trail, or a part of it anyway. It was very foggy which meant there were a lot of foghorns in the air. Fort Amherst’s horn was repeatedly answered by a loud boom coming from inside the fog; even though modern ships have radar they still sound their horn to warn approaching vessels of their presence.

It wasn’t long before the booming sound was accompanied by a sight:

Ship emerging from the fog – St. John’s

And here’s a closer view, it was a ship from the Woodward Group:

Ship emerging from the fog – St. John’s

You can ‘clearly’ see why radar and GPS are very useful tools around here.

A moment later Cuckold Head was revealed:

Cuckold Head in the fog – Ladies Lookout Trail

Foggy Cuckolds Cove – Ladies Lookout Trail

After that the fog briefly revealed one of the icebergs on Sugarloaf Path:

Foggy iceberg in the distance – Ladies Lookout Trail

It was a short day filled with fog, but I was very happy to be outside again.