Well, another day stuck inside is almost over. Once again we had perfect weather, at least we did from my point of view, I saw only blue skies from my window seat in Torbay.

From that window seat I frequently checked the local webcams to see if icebergs were drifting by like they did two weeks ago, but no such luck today. I also checked today’s satellite imagery at NASA, where I found the following image:

Icebergs at the Avalon Peninsula – Image Credit: NASA/GSFC, Rapid Response

Obviously NASA has satellite imagery for the entire island, this here’s just a closer look at our part of the Avalon.

You can see the sea ice is moving away, you can also see several white dots on the water, such as the one between Bell Island and Holyrood. Those bright dots are probably pretty big icebergs. Believe me when I tell you that if I could go check, I would.

Meanwhile, I hear the icebergs on Sugarloaf Path are still there, let’s hope they have the good grace to wait for me!