There was a small piece of ice near Middle Cove beach today, the kind of ice people refer to as a bergy bit. So far none of the icebergs I’ve seen are particularly big, most of them can be classified as small or medium, and a lot of the bigger ones are tabular in shape, like the ones in my previous two posts.

IcebergFinder has a fun iceberg facts section with all the size and shape classifications, it’s an interesting read if you’re as fond of icebergs as I am.

Here’s the bergy bit:

Middle Cove beach seen from Church Cove – Father Troy’s Trail

That’s the bergy bit in the foreground, and the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill in the distance. Here’s the bit as seen from Middle Cove beach:

Bergy bit at Middle Cove beach – Middle Cove

This is what it looked like from Silver Mine Head Path:

Bergy bit from the trail – Silver Mine Head Path