Icebergs! Absent for 2 years and now they’re all over the place, good times…

I’m thrilled to be hiking among them again and I’ve been doing just that ever since they arrived. The first and last time I saw icebergs on our east coast was way back in 2009, they completely skipped us in both 2010 and 2011.

Since 2009 a lot of things have changed for me, most importantly I know my way around the coast now. Icebergs used to just float on by or they got stuck in places I had no idea of how to get to, but right now when I see an iceberg in the distance, I know exactly where it is and I can just hike right out to it, I’m loving it!

The small iceberg I’m looking at in the picture above is just west of Cape St. Francis, I spotted it while hiking Cripple Cove Path.