Today I carefully hiked Stiles Cove Path from Shoe Cove to Spout Cove.

A fresh blanket of snow concealed all the tricky frozen parts of the trail, and even though I was cautious I slipped several times and I have a sprained wrist to show for it. On the hike I didn’t even notice the pain because of the -15° wind chill, but back home I feel like I should rest my hand. Typing hurts, so here’s the rest of the post in pictures:

Shoe Cove – Stiles Cove Path

A bit of fresh snow – Stiles Cove Path

Black Head in white snow – Stiles Cove Path

All day long I enjoyed a tantalizing view of a string of bright icebergs on the far horizon, I was able to count seven separate bergs. The one pictured below was very fast, I saw it in Pouch Cove in the morning, then in Logy Bay just before dinner. This is the morning shot:

Iceberg on the horizon – Stiles Cove Path

(Update March 22/10AM: this same iceberg can now be seen from Signal Hill).

Ice covers the trail and flows down the cliffs – Stiles Cove Path

Waterfall at Spout Cove – Stiles Cove Path

Spout Cove Falls was my turnaround point for the day, on the cliffs below me I saw otter tracks in the snow, so keep an eye out for otters the next time you walk by.