This morning I walked the little loop trail on Red Head, a simple 3 km part of Stiles Cove Path that starts out with easy hike #3. Out of habit I parked the car at the ‘chute de glace’ sign, I always park it there. When I got out of the car I was subtly reminded what ‘chute the glace’ really means:

Chute de glace / Falling ice – Red Head, Flatrock

Most of the falling ice was harmless, but some pieces were big enough to cause serious damage to a hiker, and would have definitely dented the car, so I moved it a hundred metres down the road.

On Red Head I watched the sea ice again, it has moved around quite a bit overnight. Some of it has thinned out and moved closer, some of it has drifted out of sight. One of the small icebergs got a bit closer, here it is, my ‘first’ iceberg of the season:

Very distant iceberg – Stiles Cove Path

As you can see it’s just a small piece of ice, maybe the size of a few school busses, and it’s very very far out. Nothing to write a blog post about really, but since this is the first iceberg of the season to come closer to land, I did so anyway.