Weather-wise, these last 2 days have been mostly miserable, so today I went outside to get a big dose of fresh air. And fresh air I got, in gusts! There was a very strong wind on the coast, I nearly lost my ear warmers again on North Head Trail, the wind almost blew it off my head!

Even though this trail isn’t officially open for another month or so, it was perfectly serviceable today and I saw many other people out for a walk. There’s no snow to speak of and aside from the strong wind this could have been just another spring day. There was a little rock fall damage near the start of the trail though:

Rock fall damage – North Head Trail

Above me, clouds were flying by at high speed, some brought flurries along with them. A gorgeous day really:

Clouds and sunshine – North Head Trail

Just before North Head there’s a small stream that trickles down from the valley, it cascades down several ledges below the trail before reaching the Narrows, so usually you can see a few minor waterfalls. Today though, because of the strong wind, these regular waterfalls were changed into reverse waterfalls.

What’s a reverse waterfall? I see them all the time on the East Coast Trail, the wind picks up the falling water and blows it back up into the air. Eventually the water finds the stream again and tries to follow the rules of gravity a second time, so in effect it’s kind of a temporary loop of the waterflow.

Here’s a picture and a little profile drawing I made to ‘clarify’ what’s going on:

Reverse waterfall – North Head Trail

And here’s the drawing:

Reverse waterfall drawing

No need to explain it I suppose, with the photo directly above it.