Tonight was a clear night in the forecast, hooray! I walked up the Sugarloaf at sunset to catch the elegant alignment of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon.

The end.

What? Why was that the end of the story? Well, as is so often the case in Newfoundland stargazing, clouds rolled in and covered up the entire sky. That’s exactly what happened today too, so I walked down the hill again. No planets for me.

In ideal conditions, this is what it would have looked like:

Planets in the evening sky - Screen shot from Stellarium

Planets in the evening sky – Screenshot from Stellarium

The planets Jupiter and Venus are getting closer to one another every day, just look west after sunset, you can’t miss ’em. If you think this stuff is neat too, mark your calendar for March 12th, that’s the date of the closest pairing, also known as a conjunction.