No, winter doesn’t tire me, I’m talking about the rubber things underneath our car. We got new ones installed yesterday so we can navigate the ice and snow covered roads more confidently. Our old winter tires were on their 3rd season, making the daily drive to work a little too adventurous. Have you ever gone backwards down a hill you were trying to drive up? I can tell you it’s not funny, especially when a busy main road waits at the bottom of the hill.

No worries though, our brand new winter tires should help us out in those situations:

Studded winter tires - Torbay

Studded winter tires – Torbay

On the weather side of things, winter is suddenly changing from glorious to nasty. For a few days now the old snow has been melting, and even though we got 20cm of fresh snow overnight, it was followed by rain which turned everything into slush. The weekend forecast mentions temperatures well above zero, and by now I think I don’t need to explain that I don’t like it one bit.