Patience is a virtue, and this winter requires plenty of it. Since Marije left for Holland the weather has been mostly lousy. With the title ‘Mild winter’ I mean that right now it feels more like a cold version of fall, there has been plenty of snow, but even more rain to wash it all away again, and also lots of strong winds.

So, when the sun pierced through the clouds today, I wasted no time and went outside to get some much needed exercise. After two weeks of dreariness both my legs and back were glad to see something else than the couch.

Sunlight on the trail - Torbay

Sunlight on the trail – Torbay

On the trail I paused several times in places where I faced the sun, I just stood there soaking up the rays. There’s more sunshine in the forecast next week, more snow too, I’m looking forward to that!

Near the end of my hike I passed Manning’s Hill, which is the spot where I get my first good look at the ocean every day, just a minute from our home:

Looking down Manning's Hill - Torbay

Looking down Manning’s Hill – Torbay