This morning I heard the radio saying “at least there’s no blizzards or freezing rain or anything”, like that’s a good thing. Most people here seem to be perfectly fine with these bland days. Overcast from dawn till dusk, mild temperatures, this way everything just looks bleh.

The only thing this kind of weather is actually good for, visually speaking, is close-up photography. So when I drove by Middle Cove I decided to comb the beach to see what had washed up with the last tide:

Capelin – Middle Cove beach

This little guy obviously didn’t check my Capelin Calendar before going outside this morning, he missed his appointment by half a year…

Starfish – Middle Cove beach

I was on the beach at low tide, there were about a dozen starfish on the beach, and more of them rolling in the surf. When the high tide comes in all these guys are washed back into the sea, where they can return to their bottom-dwelling ways.

Glasses – Middle Cove beach

Let’s hope whoever lost these glasses found their way home. In case you’re squinting at the screen right now, wondering if these are yours: I picked them up and left them on the lost-and-found rock in the parking lot.

Metal – Middle Cove beach

Somehow, there’s always a few pieces of some oddly shaped aluminium-like metal washed up on the beach.

Marble – Middle Cove beach

Lastly, it looks like someone lost his marbles.