Today was one of those days that started out all sunny with an optimistic weather forecast and everything, only to quickly change into a harsh, cold and cloudy day.

I was on Stiles Cove Path for most of it, the sun was bright and warm when I left the car in Pouch Cove, but after the first few kilometres dark clouds moved in overhead and that was all she wrote. I hiked the remainder of the day on frozen trails, wind swept barrens and had lunch while watching the flurries fly by over the ocean at Black Head North.

Seconds of sunshine – Big Black Head

As you can see, even these cold dark days can be beautiful, but I guess it’s more of an acquired taste. There wasn’t much else to see, the crowberry heath is slowly turning red, the ice walls are growing, I saw some icicles that were already as big as I am. Winter is near, you can feel it in the air.

When I first moved here, ice was one of those things that was completely remarkable to me, we have ice in the Netherlands too of course, but that’s very different. Today when I passed a typical frozen cliffside on the trail I decided to make a short video clip of the water flowing under the ice, a common sight here, and to me quite beautiful in its simplicity: