After being cooped up inside the house for the weekend I was glad to stretch my legs on Blackhead Path and Deadmans Bay Path today, especially since the car is due at the garage tomorrow morning, so even with great weather I’ll have to stay inside again all day tomorrow!

Anyway, you don’t want to hear about all of that and I just want to sit down on the couch right now, so here are some pictures of the hike:

The view due West - Blackhead Path

The view due West – Blackhead Path

Blackhead Path really doesn’t have a whole lot going for it except the views, so I added a part of Deadman’s Bay Path to the hike just to make it interesting. That long point of rock you see basking in the sunlight, in the top right part of the photo, is Small Point, my turn-around point for today.

All day long a couple of rescue helicopters were buzzing over the bay and over the trail, no doubt on some training mission, at one point one of them even landed on Blackhead Path. Here you can see one as it flew back to St. John’s:

Rescue helicopter & Signal Hill - Deadman's Bay Path

Rescue helicopter & Signal Hill – Deadmans Bay Path

The noise these choppers were making was very annoying, all day long, even the seals in the water kept coming up to see what all the commotion was about:

Disturbed Harbour Seal - Deadman's Bay Path

Disturbed Harbour Seal – Deadmans Bay Path

Further towards Small Point I entered the forest, where I found an interesting looking fungus on a tree. Bright orange, so not hard to ID, this weird looking thing is called Orange Jelly (Dacrymyces palmatus):

Orange Jelly fungus - Deadman's Bay Path

Orange Jelly fungus – Deadmans Bay Path

On Small Point the light was flat and the wind was cold, so after a quick lunch I started the return hike through the forest. All along the way the Crackerberries were flaunting their fall colours:

Crackerberries in fall attire - Deadman's Bay Path

Crackerberries in fall attire – Deadmans Bay Path

At the end of the hike the sunset was near, casting the lighthouses at Cape Spear in a warm red glow:

The end of the road - Cape Spear Drive

The end of the road – Cape Spear Drive