The weather gods were very kind today, probably because they felt bad after reading my blog post from yesterday. Today’s conditions were near ideal, there were no clouds to be seen anywhere, so both Signal Hill and the full moon were lit by a gentle pink sunset when I took this shot from a vantage point over 5 km away (shown above).

In case you were wondering, yes I was at a playground again, I don’t know why St. John’s has so many playgrounds with clear views of Signal Hill but they sure do come in handy:

The vantage point – St. John’s

In the shot on top of this story you can see the moon looks sort of squashed, that’s because its appearance is greatly distorted by the atmosphere at such a low angle, mere minutes after moonrise.

Here’s a shot of the moon taken just after it reached its highest point in the sky:

Full November Moon

As you can see its now an almost perfect sphere, distortions hardly come into play when shooting straight upwards. Of course it’s also completely boring without a foreground, so I prefer to capture the moon when it’s still close to the horizon.