Today was the day before the full moonrise, usually that’s an ideal day to take a moonrise picture. As some of you know, catching the moon in all its phases is my silly little hobby project and today I was at it again. Of course, about five minutes before moonrise the clouds obscured the sun behind me. Before that moment it was providing a spectacular amount of fill light on Signal Hill; this last minute obstruction didn’t surprise me in the least, that’s just how these things are supposed to happen.

You see, when I go out for these shoots, it’s usually clear from the start that it’s a total loss, and when that’s not the case any of the following will happen:

  1. five minutes to moonrise: clouds obstruct the sun behind me.
  2. two minutes to moonrise: clouds obstruct the moonrise itself.
  3. zero minutes to moonrise: someone asks me what I’m doing.

Today I was immediately able to check #1 off that list, keeping a close eye on #2.

There’s never much choice when picking a location for these moonrises, because there’s only so many places in St. John’s that offer a clear view of Signal Hill, and of those places you’re lucky to find a single one that lines up with the moonrise. My only suitable spot today happened to be next to a playground… When I set up my tripod and long lens I saw every mother on the playground turning around and scratching their heads, they were keeping an eye on me. When a small girl approached me just as the moon was rising from behind the hill I first mentally crossed #3 off my list, then concentrated on taking a single picture, before explaining to the girl what I was doing and seeing the mothers on the playground succumbing to a collective panic attack.

Please, mothers of St. John’s: relax. I’m just taking a picture of the moon, and not even a good one at that:

Faint moonrise - St. John's

Faint moonrise – St. John’s

Tomorrow brings the proper full moonrise, let’s see how many mothers I’ll have to dodge then. Maybe I should keep the engine running…