This afternoon when the sun came out for a brief moment, I hiked the first kilometres of Biscan Cove Path.

Biscuit what now? You can imagine my surprise when I found the following trailhead at the start of the East Coast Trail to Cape St. Francis:

Brand new trailhead – Biscan Cove Path

When we first moved here this old trail didn’t have a formal name, I called it ‘Cape St. Francis Path’ when mentioning it here. Later I learned that ECTA used ‘Path to the Cape’ as an internal reference while developing it. Now that all the work is done, ‘Biscan Cove Path’ has apparently become the official name.

Well, whatever name it goes by, it still offers the same beautiful scenery as ever, it’s just a little easier to get to now that all the stairs and boardwalks are in place. Here are a few shots from this afternoon:

Quiet forest trail – Biscan Cove Path

Fall crackerberries – Biscan Cove Path

These quiet forest trails are a pleasure to hike, the ground is so soft that your footfall is somehow dampened, and there is colour everywhere.

Out in the open, the trail was flanked by fall coloured blueberry bushes (the red ones):

Fall coloured trail – Biscan Cove Path

You can’t really see it in this next picture, but the drop down into Coakers Gulch is pretty impressive:

View from the top of Coakers Gulch – Biscan Cove Path

These ECTA boardwalks make traversing the marshes a breeze:

Boardwalk – Biscan Cove Path

When I exited the forest at Freshwater River the clouds had pretty much covered up the sky, making the usually scenic oceanside waterfall look rather gloomy:

Freshwater Falls – Biscan Cove Path

This time around it cost me when I explored the rocks below the waterfall, I tore a hole in my jeans when I sat down for a lunch break at these cliffs:

Anti-slip rock surface – Biscan Cove Path

Oh well, since I never seem to meet anybody on the trail, I can probably get away with it for another year or so… 😉