At times, our Newfoundland scenery can be so magical and spectacular it will make you want to cry for joy. But when the sun is absent and the rain is coming down, all that beauty is drained from the land and even the most scenic hike can appear dreary, making you want to cry for completely different reasons.

I did one of the latter hikes today, knowing full well it was going to rain and snow at some point during the day, but there were supposed to be ‘sunny periods’ too so I took my chances on North Head Trail.

In retrospect, I should have stayed at home, everything was grey and dull and the weather soaked me to my skin. Anyway, here are some gloomy pictures:

A hiker on the trail – North Head Trail

For the folks that aren’t familiar around here, that funny looking building in the background is called The Rooms, it’s a local museum.

Many stairs – North Head Trail

All these stairs make North Head Trail a relatively easy walk.

More stairs – North head Trail

This is the last shot, before I got tired of the cold and nasty weather:

Cabot Tower on Signal Hill – North Head Trail