Today I hiked a bit of Cape Spear Path, it was nice and quiet: just what I was looking for.

This last month I’ve explored nearly every trail on my hiking page just to see what the fall colours are up to. On Cape Spear Path there’s still quite a bit of green left, but many parts of the trail are now sporting fall browns and yellows too:

Cliffs below the trail – Cape Spear Path

Muted fall colours on the trail – Cape Spear Path

Colours in the shadow at Empty Basket Cove – Cape Spear Path

By now you must have noticed the weather wasn’t very cooperative, the forecast predicted 4 hours of sunshine but in reality it was more like 4 minutes. The clouds were attractive though:

Fast moving silvery clouds over Motion Bay – Cape Spear Path

As I walked by Motion Bay I saw a harbour seal in the water, bobbing up and down and staring at me. I remember when I just moved to Newfoundland I was always very surprised and excited to see a seal, by now I’m still happy to see them of course but it’s more a feeling of familiarity, perhaps I should even go so far as to say I expect to see some wildlife when I’m out on the trail.